What An Average Person Does in Their Lifetime

What An Average Person Does in Their Lifetime

Your life probably amounts to one heck of a hill of beans, a whopping 854 cans to be exact. And that’s just the beginning, according to a study of how much stuff we each run through in a lifetime. After combing through statistics for two years, Nick Watts and his team have learned that during the 2,475,576,000 second span of an average life, a person devours:

  • 15,000 pints of milk
  • 10,354 chocolate bars
  • 10,866 carrots
  • 5,272 apples
  • 4.5 cows
  • 1,201 chickens
  • 5,130 pounds of potatoes
  • 10,351 pints of beer
  • 1,694 bottles of wine

Over an average 78.5 year life time, Mr. and Ms. Average also:

  • 4,239 times each have had sex
  • 7,163 times they bathe
  • 656 bars of soap are used
  • 198 bottles of shampoos are used
  • 272 cans of deodorant are used
  • 276 tubes of toothpaste are used

Along the way, an average person:

  • 1,700 friends were made
  • 59 vacations were taken
  • 121 pints of tears shed

They’ve paid $413,904.36 in taxes and recall 104,390 dreams. Though the average person speaks 123,205,750 words over a lifetime, Ms. Average in general uses twice as many words as Mr. Average.