Celebrities Who Worked a Desk Job

Celebrities Who Worked a Desk Job

They lead lives of glamour and sophistication. They have found fame and fortune. They are celebrities — singers, actors, comedians. But they weren’t born that way. And at one time — before the glamour, sophistication, fame and fortune — they had to make their way in this world just like the rest of us. Bankrate.com has revealed a little-known fact about some of our favorite celebs: They once held a desk job.

Faith Hill
This country music singer, songwriter, actress and record producer who has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, once worked as a receptionist.

Andrea Bocelli
The Italian classical tenor and pianist who has been blind since age 12 following a football accident, previously worked as an attorney.

Gerard Butler
This Scottish actor and star of “How to Train Your Dragon” has appeared on stage, screen and television, but before he was stage struck he worked as an attorney.

Elvis Costello
The English musician, singer-songwriter and record producer began his professional career as a computer programmer.

Ellen DeGeneres
The comedian, actress and talk show host, who is the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, once worked a desk job as a paralegal.

Jennifer Lopez
JLo has proven she can do it all: sing, dance and act. Apparently, she can also type. Before she became Jenny From the Block, she worked as a secretary in a law office.