What Your Favorite Book Reveals About You

What Your Favorite Book Reveals About You

Reading is a popular pastime, but there’s more than pleasure going on between the pages. Scientists say that what happens in your brain when you’re riveted by a particular book reflects your personality:

You’re a nonconformist who refuses to let anyone tell you what to do. You’d rather flaunt convention and tradition by setting your own rules. You believe the magic and power of passion can transform your life, and you’ll make any sacrifice to achieve your ultimate goal true and lasting love.

You’re a people person who shines in social situations. Your fun loving approach to life is matched by the lighthearted literature you adore. Whether it’s a story about a well meaning but overwhelmed dad or a witty commentary on today’s career women, you appreciate how books relate to real people.

You’ve always been a person who strives to get ahead, so you particularly enjoy reading about people who overcome adversity. That’s why personal revelations and biographies inspire you to keep reaching for your dreams. You identify with the belief that the best results come from never giving up.

You have a keen mind and see beyond the surface of complicated circumstances. You’re intuitive about people and can often accurately guess what they’re thinking. So it’s no surprise that you enjoy the exploits of a super sleuth who figures out the motivations and actions of the villain.

No doubt you’re a risk taker who wants to be where the action is. So tales of derring-do that take the reader on a trip of high emotion is exactly the kind of book for you. You’re an ultra cool person at your core, remaining calm during real life conflicts. And loved ones depend on your steady leadership.