Best and Worst Car Colors for Resale Value

Best and Worst Car Colors for Resale Value

It may seem superficial, but buyers of used automobiles do care just as much about the car’s color as its condition. So if you’re buying a new car now with the idea of selling it in five years, buy a silver-colored car. That’s the word from Kelley Blue Book, which says that color plays a role in the residual value of your car. That means that a popular color will increase the value of your car, while an unpopular color could decrease it by hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the vehicle.

The best car colors for resale value:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Black
  • Gray

The worst car colors for resale value:

  • Bright yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple

And while silver and white are tops for almost all types of vehicles — from minivans to sedans — do remember that certain colors look better on specific cars. For example, a little yellow convertible is much more desirable than a bright yellow SUV.