Top Ice Cream Flavors

Top Ice Cream Flavors

Chocolate ice cream is the number one favorite flavor of ice cream, according to a Harris Poll in which 27 percent said chocolate is their fave. Coming in right behind chocolate are vanilla and cookie dough/cookies and cream.

The top 10 favorite flavors of ice cream:

  1. Chocolate: 27 percent
  2. Vanilla: 23 percent
  3. Cookie dough/cookies and cream: 22 percent
  4. Butter pecan/Swiss almond and mint chocolate chip (tie): 19 percent
  5. Strawberry: 14 percent
  6. Rocky road: 12 percent
  7. Peanut butter: 10 percent
  8. Coffee: 9 percent
  9. Cherry vanilla: 8 percent

Multiple responses were accepted so the total adds up to more than 100 percent. Here’s more:

  • 45 percent like to eat their ice cream in a cup, compared with 31 percent who prefer a cone, 16 percent who like it in a sundae and 4 percent who choose an ice cream sandwich.
  • When it comes to favorite toppings, 53 percent of those who eat ice cream choose hot fudge, while 41 percent want nuts, 39 percent prefer whipped cream and 38 percent choose caramel.
  • Other favorite toppings include fruit, such as strawberries or bananas (31 percent), sprinkles (20 percent), candy bits (17 percent) and marshmallow (11 percent).
  • 16 percent are purists and prefer to eat their ice cream plain.
  • 2 percent say they don’t eat ice cream.