How To Choose the Best Name for Your Pet

How To Choose the Best Name for Your Pet

The name you give your pet says a lot about you as an individual. Sometimes, the choice can be overwhelming since there really are hundreds of thousands of possible names from which to choose. The most popular name for a dog or cat is “Bella,” according to Veterinary Pet Insurance, which analyzed the pets’ names in its database of nearly a half-million insured animals. Other popular names include Bailey, Max, Lucy, Molly and Buddy, all of which are a far cry from what were once traditional names, such as Rover and Fluffy. Today, people are more likely to choose a human name for their pet, which reflects their place as a genuine part of the family.

Tips for choosing a name for a new pet:

1. Keep it simple and short.
Pick a name that your pet will easily recognize. For example, it may be easier to get your dog’s attention with a name like “Bella” versus “Princess Dandelion III.”

2. When you get a new pet, don’t name him immediately. Wait a few days.
It might be a good idea to observe your new four-legged friend’s behavior to find the name best suited for his personality. You may not want to name your new puppy “Bounce” if he doesn’t bounce or a new kitten “Meow” if she’s not very vocal.

3. Use breed heritage as an inspiration.
Consider a French name for your Poodle, something German for a German Shepherd Dog, Schnauzer or Dashshund or Scottish for your Terrier.

4. Make it appropriate.
Your pet is going to go through her life with her new name, and as a pet owner you’ll be saying this name hundreds–if not thousands of times — throughout her lifetime. Choose a name you’ll feel comfortable using in public.

Remember that the name you choose lets others know how you feel about your pet.