5 Ways to Save Money On Your Pets

5 Ways to Save Money On Your Pets

Your life is incredibly richer because your dog or cat is part of it. But all that love can take a toll on your wallet. Pets are expensive. And while some expenses are optional, such as that cute plaid winter coat to keep them warm on winter walks, others are not, especially vet bills when they get sick. MyPet.com has helpfully compiled a list of money-saving tips for pet parents:

1. Visit your veterinarian annually.
Bring your pet in for regular check-ups and keep vaccinations current. It can be life threatening for an unprotected animal to be exposed to certain diseases — and those diseases can also be very expensive to treat and cure.

2. Keep your pet’s weight within a healthy range.
Feeding your pet too much food not only costs you more in kibble expenses, but also can lead to a fat dog or kitty–and that can lead to diabetes and other illnesses that require expensive veterinary visits.

3. Craft DIY toys.
Have you priced pet toys recently? They cost a fortune. Check out Pinterest for homemade dog toys and homemade cat toys that are inexpensive to make and can entertain your pet for hours, if not days.

4. Subscribe for freebies.
Sign up for your favorite pet brands’ newsletters, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for news of sales and to get discount coupons.

5. Trade for pet sitting services.
Have to go out of town? Trade services with a friend who loves your dog or cat.