Forgotten Uses for Everyday Objects

Forgotten Uses for Everyday Objects

•The Tiny Extra Jeans Pocket – You might think it is for spare change, but it was designed to hold a pocket watch.  (Maybe the size of the pocket has shrunk over time?)

•The Hole in Your Pot Handle – If it is used at all, it might be to hang the pot up, but the original intention was to hold a spoon or spatula in place over the pot.

•The Loop in the Back of Your Dress Shirt – To hang the shirt when there is no hanger available.  Ever used it?

•The Drawer Under Your Oven – This is often intended to be a warming drawer…to keep food warm while other dishes are cooking.  (But first you’d have to empty out the 13 cookie sheets and old frying pans in there…)

•The Loop on the Leg of your Carpenter Jeans – purely decorative when they returned to style in the late 90s….they were originally intended to hold tools while on the job.  (Caution: unplug them first)
-Mental Floss