How to Eliminate Plastic from Your Life

How to Eliminate Plastic from Your Life

Yoga Journal) Blogger Beth Terry has spent the past several years eliminating plastic from her life. Let her help you cut back, too.

1. Take the plastic challenge
Get help tallying your plastic waste for one week to identify where you can cut back, at

2. Don’t just rely on recycling
A lot of plastic we assume is recyclable ends up in a landfill, warns Terry. Buy in bulk whenever possible, and keep Mason jars on hand for storage.

3. Find and avoid the hidden sources
Milk, juice, and ice-cream cartons are often lined with plastic, so look for alternative packaging where you can. Many reusable grocery bags are made with polypropylene; opt for cloth bags instead.

4. Don’t just buy those reusable containers
Keep bags and mugs in your car, bike bag, or wherever you keep your wallet and keys. So throw a few reusable utensils in your purse or backpack.

5. Seek out alternative packaging
Find yoga mats made with natural rubber or hemp. Grab sunscreen in an aluminum bottle-Avasol makes on-or lip balm in a cardboard tube, like Organic Essence

You can learn how you can help ban plastic bags in your town and follow other cities campaigns at